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At this moment we have plenty Greenhouses to build.


Project what's now being realized :


Surface: 23.669 m2
Postheight: 4,00 m.

Onderbouw bijna gereed


Project near Arnhem recently realized :

Surface: 1.100 m2
Postheight: 4,00 m.

Greenhouse equipped withsolar panels.


Project in France:

Surface: 7.600 m2
Postheight: 4,00 m.



Projects in Poland :


Project in Kalisz:

Surface: 1.800 m2
Postheight: 4,50 m.




Project in Krakow:

Surface: 5.300 m2
Postheight: 4,00 m.
























Project in Katowice:

Surface: 8.200 m2
Postheight: 4,00 m.






Project in Krakow:

Surface : 38.400 m2
Postheight : 4,00 m.








Project in Pszczyna:

Surface : 3.400 m2
Postheight : 3,50 m.

Greenhouse with containers


late eighties :


In the late eighties we started in Poland.


Lorry with drill equipment


In the begin with old fashion 1PK



Later with more PK's